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Minor Pan Card Apply Online: PAN or Permanent Account Number card is a unique identification assigned to every tax-paying citizen of India. All tax-paying entities, such as individuals, companies, local authorities, etc., are required to have a PAN card. 

It links all the financial transactions that will be taxed, making it easier for the government to record all the tax related information for each PAN card holder. It is for non-resident Indians, persons of Indian origin as well as foreigners who have business interests in the country.

Minor Pan Card Apply Online: This is how PAN card for children below 18 years of age will be made.

PAN card is required for many activities, from paying taxes to purchasing property and vehicles as well as making large investments and cash deposits. In such a situation, PAN card is necessary.

While most individuals apply for their PAN card upon attaining the age of 18 years, Protean eGov technologies limited, which is the government body that issues PAN cards, also issues PAN cards for minors.

Applying for Minor PAN Card 

The government has provided two avenues for people wishing to apply for a PAN card, with the service being available offline as well as online.

Online Process to Apply for Minor PAN Card

The procedure to apply online for PAN card for a minor is given below:

  • Visit the Tax Information Network website of Protean eGov Technologies Limited and click on “Online PAN Application”.
  • Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu depending on your residential status, i.e. Form 49 or Form 49A.
  • After reading the instructions, select the category of the applicant from the drop down list given and click on “Select”.
  • Fill the required information in the form visible on the screen.
  • Upload the supporting documents as mentioned in the guidelines of the form and pay the online processing fee.
  • Once the form is filled, click on “Submit” after which a reference number will appear on the screen. It can be used to track the status of the application.
  • The PAN card will be sent by post to the address given in the form.

Offline Process to Apply for Minor PAN Card

  • Download Form 49 (for Indian residents) or Form 49A (for Indians not resident in India) from the Tax Information website.
  • The form is also available through UTIITSL offices and their agents.
  • Fill the relevant details and attach copies of required documents.
  • For a minor PAN card, no photograph is required.
  • Submit the form and documents along with the processing fee amount to the nearest UTIITSL office.
  • On verification of the information submitted, the PAN card will be posted to the address mentioned in the form.

What is the requirement of Minor PAN Card? 

Following are the major requirements to apply for Minor PAN Card: 

  • When the investment is made in the name of the child. 
  • If the minor child is to be made the nominee of shares, investments or other financial products. 
  • If small investment income is not taxable and is combined with the parents’ income, PAN is required if: 
  • The income is earned by the minors themselves. 
  • The minor is physically disabled, blind etc. 
  • If the income is earned through their talent, skill or knowledge. 
  • If you want to open a bank account or Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account for a girl. 

Process to update PAN card when minor attains majority

In case a minor becomes an adult, the existing PAN card in his/her name needs to be modified to reflect the new changes. A simple and hassle free process has been created to complete these formalities in which the following steps are expected to be followed.

  • New Account Opening Form – On attaining maturity, the person who has PAN for a minor is expected to apply for a new account using Form 49A (if he is an Indian citizen) or Form 49AA/ (if he is a foreign citizen).
  • Fill the form – The form should be filled with relevant information, the applicant is expected to sign it and update any new details (if any).< /span>
  • Documents – Applicant should submit relevant documents including photograph and address proof.
  • Submission – The form can be filled and submitted both online or offline. Individuals should ensure that the details are accurate before submitting.
  • Payment – A person is expected to make a required payment, the amount of which depends on the communication address. People with addresses within the country will have to pay Rs 107, while people outside the country will have to pay Rs 989.
  • Acknowledgment – Upon successful payment, an acknowledgment number will be generated, which can be used in future correspondence with the department.

Benefits of applying for PAN card for child

There are several benefits associated with applying for a PAN card for a minor, which are listed below:

  • If the minor is to be nominated on property, shares or any financial product, the minor will require a PAN card.
  • If the investment is to be made in the name of a minor, then the PAN card details of the minor have to be furnished at that time.
  • Since PAN card is a permanent number which will not be changed throughout the lifetime of the holder, the child’s PAN card number will remain the same despite name/address change.
  • While the onus is on the PAN card holder to collect all tax related information, the income of a minor from any income or investment will not be taxable, except in certain conditions mentioned below:
    • If the minor is physically handicapped, suffering from complete blindness etc.
    • If the minor has earned his own income
    • If the income/investment is the result of the child using his/her skills and talents

What documents are required for Minor PAN Card?

The following documents need to be submitted along with the PAN card application form for minors:

Proof of age to apply for PAN card for child

A copy of any one of the following documents, as applicable, may be submitted as proof of age:

  • Aadhar card
  • municipal birth certificate
  • Marksheet issued by recognized educational board
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Voter ID Card
  • Central government issued photo identity card
Proof of address to apply for PAN card for child
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Residence certificate issued by the state government
  • Aadhar card
  • The applicant’s address should be mentioned in the post office passbook.
  • property document
  • Original certificate of address signed by a Member of Parliament/Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council Member/Gazetted Officer
  • Electricity Bill/Landline/Water/Consumer Gas Bill (not older than 3 months)
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What is the minimum age for minor pan card

As per Section 160 of the Income Tax Act, there is no minimum age limit for obtaining a PAN card. Even a minor below five years of age can avail PAN card and it will serve as a permanent identity proof irrespective of change in name or residence. 

Can I open minor PAN card online?

Yes, a minor person can apply for PAN card online by visiting the online PAN application portal of NSDL. Submit the documents after entering the required information and uploading the birth certificate of the minor with the signature of the parents. Pay Rs 107 to complete the process. 

Is PAN card available for minors?

Yes, PAN card is available for minors as per section 160 of the Income Tax Act, where it is mentioned that there is no age limit to obtain PAN card.

Is Minor PAN Card valid?

For a child below 5 years of age, Minor PAN card can be used as identity proof. This has been made mandatory if you want to make your child the nominee of your investments. PAN card is necessary when parents want to invest in the name of their child.

What is the difference between minor and major PAN card?

Minor PAN card is for individuals below 18 years of age, and major PAN card is for individuals above 18 years of age.

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